Steel internal screens to optimise the light inside your property

Steel internal screens maximise the light of any property. The elegance and chicness of real-steel framed screens are incomparable.

Whether you want to screen off one part of the room or you’re looking for a shower screen, you’re in the right spot. We work with homeowners, builders, property developers and architects – transforming homes and properties all over the UK.

Our customers love the Steel Glazing Company because we provide all options for our steel products, including our internal screens. You can opt for frosted glazing, decorated glass, security glass or choose something else from our range. Every product is available on a short lead time, and our prices are far more affordable than most other suppliers.

It’s time to invest in your property by adding a gorgeous glazed product that will only help increase its value. Bring a distinguished and chic look to your home or building with steel-framed screens.

Our customers are based all over the UK. They choose us as we do what we say we will do and get your steel products to you on time and within budget. You make savings that you can reassign to another part of your project.

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Steel internal screens

Dividing or partitioning a room is easy with the steel internal screens. Made with genuine steel frames, these provide a good looking solution that gives you greater privacy with reduced noise but allows in the light.

With these internal screens, light is maximised. If you want to add a home office or divide the space to use it better, these offer an exceptional solution that adds style and glamour to any property.

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Why use The Steel Glazing Company for your internal doors?

There are many reasons why customers love using our steel glazing service, here are just a handful of them:

  • Our team have been glazing for more than 40 years accumulatively

  • Every order is delivered with a shorter lead time than most other steel suppliers

  • You get remarkable prices, so you can use the money you’ve saved on other parts of your refurbishment project

  • Every steel product we supply has real-steel frames and your choice of glazing

  • We sell off-the-shelf sizing, or you can order bespoke sizes to suit your space.

Product Spec

We have a number of product spec documents for you to take a look at.

Download SPEC 1
Download SPEC 2
Download SPEC 3
Download SPEC 4
Download SPEC 5

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