The Steel Glazing Company is one of the most knowledgeable and reliable steel product suppliers in the UK.

Not every glazing supply company has the knowledge or skills required to help you make the best choice of steel products for your property. Many cannot create any steel-framed glazed products to your specifications but only provide you with off-shelf products. But we can!

We’ve gained our knowledge and expertise from more than an accumulative 40 years in the glazing industry. If it’s got glass in it, we’re most likely familiar with it.
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Those who want to install a wall to divide one space but want the magic of light find that internal steel doors and screens provide the perfect solution.

Steel framed doors and screens can optimise the light in a property whilst partitioning the space. The outcome is maximum light with a timelessly elegant look. Another benefit is reduced noise for greater privacy. Choose from hinged or sliding doors to create a home office, divide your rooms, or even a screen to enclose your shower.

If you’re in the process of refurbishment, know that we offer shorter than standard lead times, better prices and higher quality. You can’t go wrong. Our team will help you choose the best solution with confidence.

Maximise the light in any space with our screens. Great for adding a partition to the dining room, bedroom, kitchen or living room – you can add a separate area for an office or other purpose. Reduce noise and gain the privacy that comes from adding a room divider.

Whether you are seeking a quiet, closed space so you can work from home, or you want to enjoy the light of the open space, our steel hinged doors provide an attractive option. The traditional and contemporary look is finished to a high standard and made with high-quality materials.

You make your choice, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our job is to ensure that you receive your order within budget and on time so that you can enjoy the benefits of privacy, noise reduction and excellent light optimisation.

Enjoy the sleek look of the steel internal sliding door. Just let us know what size and style you need, and we’ll take care of the rest. We offer off the shelf sizes but can also create bespoke sizes to fit your space. We can deliver on within wall, over the wall or whatever you need to complete the design vision.

There are plenty of options with the steel internal doors and screens. You can opt for single and double doors and choose glazing options such as security glass, decorative or frosted. It’s really up to you how you want to use your space and reflect your personal taste.

Why use The Steel Glazing Company for your internal doors?

There are many reasons why customers love using our steel glazing service, here are just a handful of them:

  • Our team have been glazing for more than 40 years accumulatively

  • Every order is delivered with a shorter lead time than most other steel glazing suppliers

  • You get remarkable prices, so you can use the money you’ve saved on other parts of your refurbishment project

  • Every steel glazed product we supply has real-steel frames and your choice of glazing

  • We sell off-the-shelf sizing, or you can order bespoke sizes to suit your space.

What else should you know about our steel external doors?

In addition to supplying off the shelf sizes, we can also create steel external doors to your specifications. Our manufacturers use advanced technology, so you get customised products that are precise and accurate in size.

You won’t get long lead times with us. We have a dependable and fast supplier. We know some suppliers find it hard to source any steel products. Many suppliers give a lead time of up to six months. But that’s not the case with Steel Glazing Company.

Our products are quality, but they come with fantastic price tags. We know you’ve got many things on your list to buy for your project, so try to keep our prices down to make your budgeting easier.

There is weatherproofing on every pane so that you won’t have any drafts. Couple that with the double glazing, and you’ve got some genuinely remarkable glazing that will serve you well.

The double glazing of the steel products means that you get to enjoy all the benefits. For example, leave the heat outside, or leave the cold outside and keep your warmth indoors.

You won’t have to listen to the neighbours having their BBQ if you don’t’ want to. You just shut your steel external doors, and the glazing will reduce the sound.

Services Offered

Supply Only

Self-measure and supply only. If you live outside of the M25, this is the only service that would be available to you.

Survey & Supply

We measure and then supply the goods for you to fit yourself. Available if you are within the M25.

Survey & Fit

We measure and then fit the goods for you. Available if you are within the M25.

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Why Choose Steel Windows Over Aluminium Windows

If you’re in the process of replacing your windows and you can’t decide whether to go with steel windows or aluminium windows, then read on. We’ve got all the answers for you regarding cost, strength, looks, maintenance and more.

Metal window frames have been in use since 1856 when Sir Henry Bessemer invented hot rolled steel. Since then, they have increased in popularity and offer the most attractive option for homeowners and other property owners.

In addition to being used in new home construction, steel windows and doors are used in commercial buildings such as shops, offices, warehouses and showrooms.

Some may prefer aluminium window frames as they offer a cheaper window solution, but they don’t fit the bill when it comes to aesthetics, strength, or quality.

Let’s explore more about what you get when you go with steel windows and doors.

There’s no doubt that steel windows beat aluminium windows flat when it comes to strength. This means that you can enjoy all the benefits of more oversized windows such as light and sightlines. The extra strength also means that steel can take more weight, so you can opt for heavier panes of glass if you wish, such as strengthened glass.

Being at least three times stronger than aluminium means having larger areas and heavier panes of glass. You may also be surprised to learn that steel is 16 times stronger than wood. This also means that you have greater leeway when it comes to design options.

With fewer frames in use, you get better sightlines as the views can be broader and more panoramic, in addition to allowing vast amounts of light into a property.

Aluminium frames are lighter but aren’t so strong, and therefore, the views and light may be impacted by needing to install more frames than would be required with steel.

Steel windows have more significant resistance to suffering from rust and corrosion, but they still need to be taken care of. However, this can be easily addressed by painting with primer and paint. You should also check the window or door frames to check that they haven’t deteriorated by the effects of rain and snow, just as you would with wooden windows.

Aluminium may not require the same level of care, but you won’t get the same look or quality with them.

In our experience, most homeowners lean more towards steel windows rather than aluminium.

Not only do steel windows look nicer than aluminium, but they can carry more weight and therefore open up the property more to light and views. Steel windows are less likely to erode, and they also look much better when it comes to design options as they can take more weight.

Here at The Steel Glazing Company, we offer a bespoke service for the design of steel windows. In addition to supplying a range of standard sizes, we can help you ensure you get the design you want in the size you want.

Whether you’re replacing your steel windows on an older building or you’re looking to fit into a new build, we can help you ensure you get the right fit the first time around. Contact us today and tell us what your project plans are, and we’ll let you know what we can do for you. Please note that our lead times are shorter than most other suppliers, and we have more than twenty years of experience.

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Here at the Steel Glazing Company, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service. No matter what you want us to do, you can expect to receive respect, honesty, integrity and expertise from every one of our team members.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

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