Steel External Products – Windows, Doors, Sliders and Bi-folds

The versatile and elegant steel external products such as doors, windows, sliders and bi-folds can transform the look of any building whilst letting in maximum light. Steel products are the choice of today’s classy and bring oodles of timeless beauty. These steel-framed windows and doors are held in high regard across the country and reflect your position in having good taste and style.

Here at the Steel Glazing Company, you can order off the shelf styles and sizes, or we can create steel external products to your specifications. What makes us different is that we have short lead times, and even though what we sell is high-quality, we can still save you money with our prices.

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Which steel external products do we supply?

Here are a few of the options you can choose from when ordering steel products from us. We cater to both the internal and external glazing requirements:

  • Internal and external windows
  • Internal and external doors
  • Bi-folds
  • Sliders
  • Room dividers
  • Your choice of glazing options – frosted, security, plain or bevelled.

Order a standard size, or arrange for any product to be made to your size and specification. Steel framed windows and doors mean you get strong but beautiful glazed products that give exceptional performance and last a lifetime.

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Double-glazed steel external products keep the heat inside and the cold out

There is more than just one benefit with double-glazing. Not only do you get to keep the cold outside where it belongs and the warmth of your home inside, but you also benefit from excellent noise reduction. Something to note is that there are no cold draughts as every piece of glass has weather-stripping.

Low maintenance with steel external products

This type of window means you have minimal maintenance as they are dipped with a galvanising finish to protect them and prevent corrosion. However, if you decide that this type of window has reached the end of its life cycle, the steel can be recycled. So it’s an environmentally friendly glazing product.

Our sales team can help you to choose your steel products

No matter what type of building you have, there’s most likely the perfect steel external product for you. The style of buildings that feature most often in our projects include:

  • Refurbished 1930s homes
  • Art deco style properties
  • Warehouse-style properties
  • Stone properties
  • New-build developments
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Why choose us for your steel external products?

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

The Steel Glazing Company is one of the most knowledgeable and reliable steel product suppliers in the UK.

Not every glazing supply company has the knowledge or skills required to help you make the best choice of steel products for your property. Many cannot create any steel-framed glazed products to your specifications but only provide you with off-shelf products. But we can!

We’ve gained our knowledge and expertise from more than an accumulative 40 years in the glazing industry. If it’s got glass in it, we’re most likely familiar with it.

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