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The Steel Glazing Company supply steel external windows and other steel-framed glazed products. Our customers are typically homeowners, builders, property developers and architects looking to bring timeless elegance and maximised light to a property.

Steel external windows bring magic to any home.

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What do you need to know about our steel external windows?

Our steel-framed steel external windows are dipped in galvanise liquid to protect them from corrosion for years to come.

After more than 40 years of accumulative experience in this industry, we are particularly fussy about the quality of any product we sell. We know the quality can make all the difference in the lifespan of any window.

There are many benefits of buying from us. For example, you get a double glazed window that not only insulates your property but also provides you with a level of soundproofing. Each pane has weather-stripping so you can say goodbye to cold drafts or heat leakage from your home.

Imagine how beautiful your home will look with gorgeous steel external windows installed. Jaw-dropping and, of course, your neighbours may get a little green-eyed but we can’t help that!

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What are steel external windows, and why would you want them?

You’ve probably seen how beautiful steel windows look on some of the refurbishment projects in your local area, in glossy home design magazines or at least on the Grand Design’s television program. If you’re involved in property development for a living, you probably deal with them all the time.

But for those who are new around here, they are those steel-framed windows and glazed doors with steel frames that are quite often painted in black. They can transform the look of any home, bringing the outside inside on virtue of the size of the windows. The light comes in, and if you opt for sliders or bi-folds, you can open them all the way to allow easy access to the garden.

Will installing steel external windows increase the value of my property?

The answer to this question is most definitely yes. External windows can give any property that ‘wow’ factor that not every property has. Imagine looking through them out onto a beautiful garden. The people of the UK love their properties and gardens. They want to make the best of them for the summer months, and steel windows and doors allow that to happen.

In addition to the steel external windows, we also supply:

  • Internal doors

  • Internal windows

  • Internal sliders

  • Internal screen

  • External doors

  • External sliders

  • External bi-folds

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