Fold back your steel external bi-fold doors to join your home and the garden as one space

The Steel Glazing Company offers steel external bifold doors on short lead times and at great prices. Our high-quality products are all double glazed with your choice of glass. Insulate your home against heat and cold, and you won’t feel drafts with these.

After decades in the glazing industry, our team know which products are worth getting and have carefully chosen these for being the best quality at the best price. An extra benefit of these products is that there is a short lead time. Say goodbye to six months of waiting for your windows to come in!

Who has time for hanging around when you’ve got other things to do? We work hard to make things easy for time-pressed homeowners, builders, property developers and architects.

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What are steel external bi-fold doors?

Imagine being able to fold your doors back so you can see the entirety of your garden from your room. When these doors are closed, you get optimised light and an expanded view from the vast glazing area.

These are high-quality genuine steel frames that ensure that you don’t have much maintenance to do. These have been dipped in galvanised paint, so they will give you years of use and are very durable.

Why buy from us?

Not everybody who sells steel external sliders have the best interests of their customers at heart. The difference between them and us is that we love to see the outcome of a good piece of work. It’s impossible to enjoy the result if you know what’s been installed is low quality and a bit cheap.

The steel external bi-folds that we supply are off-the-shelf sizes, or you can put in a bespoke order to match your specifications. We are very accomodating and can advise you on whatever you need to know.

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