Transform the look of your property with gorgeous steel doors

The Steel Glazing Company supplies steel external doors and other steel-framed glazed products to homeowners, builders, property developers and architects in London and beyond.

It’s no secret that property is the cornerstone of wealth, and steel external doors increase the value of any property. There’s no doubt that they make all the difference to any building as they bring in vast amounts of light and showcase the view of the garden and beyond.

The Steel Glazing Company team have been involved in the glazing industry for more than 40 years in one way or another. We’ve sourced, supplied and installed all kinds of windows and doors, including hundreds of gorgeous Critall-style external doors.

Every steel product we supply is high quality but with a great price tag. Having checked out what’s on the market and tried out more than a few of them, we know what we’re looking for when it comes to glazing.

As a customer, you’re very important to us, and we only supply high-performing steel products that are durable and crafted to give you the best possible results. Of course, good looks are essential, but the quality of the build will make all the difference when it comes to how long these will last and whether you get a double-glazed draft-free product that keeps the cold outside and warmth inside.

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What else should you know about our steel external doors?

In addition to supplying off the shelf sizes, we can also create steel external doors to your specifications. Our manufacturers use advanced technology, so you get customised products that are precise and accurate in size.

You won’t get long lead times with us. We have a dependable and fast supplier. We know some suppliers find it hard to source any steel products. Many suppliers give a lead time of up to six months. But that’s not the case with Steel Glazing Company.

Our products are quality, but they come with fantastic price tags. We know you’ve got many things on your list to buy for your project, so try to keep our prices down to make your budgeting easier.

There is weatherproofing on every pane so that you won’t have any drafts. Couple that with the double glazing, and you’ve got some genuinely remarkable glazing that will serve you well.

The double glazing of the steel products means that you get to enjoy all the benefits. For example, leave the heat outside, or leave the cold outside and keep your warmth indoors.

You won’t have to listen to the neighbours having their BBQ if you don’t’ want to. You just shut your steel external doors, and the glazing will reduce the sound.

Your choice of steel external doors

No matter what style door you want, we’ve got it. You can enjoy what comes with any of these:

  • Sliding door – slide that door back all the way so that you’ve got one open space to enjoy both inside and outside in one area.

  • Bi-fold doors – this is another way to get your doors completely out of the way so that you can enjoy the garden or the view in its entirety.
  • Hinged doors – if what you’re looking for is more of a traditional style, then the steel hinged doors may be a perfect choice.

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